Marazzi Allmarble

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Marazzi Allmarble


  • Use:

    Wall & Floor

  • Edge profile:


  • Material:


  • Thickness:


  • Sizes mm:

    300x600, 400x1200x20mm, 580x1160, 580x580, 600x1200, 600x600, 750x1500, 750x750

  • Finish:

    Matt, Polished

  • Shade variation:


Technical specs

  • R rating:


  • Pendulum test:


  • Wall & Floor

    • Calacatta Extra

      Calacatta Extra

    • Altissimo


    • Bianco Arni

      Bianco Arni

    • Calacatta Black

      Calacatta Black

    • Elegant Black

      Elegant Black

    • Emperador


    • Calacatta Vena Vecchia

      Calacatta Vena Vecchia

    • Capraia


    • Crema Marfil

      Crema Marfil

    • Imperiale


    • Fior Di Pesco Carnico

      Fior Di Pesco Carnico

    • Frappucino


    • Golden White

      Golden White

    • Grigio Carnico

      Grigio Carnico

    • Sahara Noir

      Sahara Noir

    • Lasa


    • Pulpis


    • Quarzo Bluegrey

      Quarzo Bluegrey

    • Raffaelo


    • Travertino


    • Sodalite Blu

      Sodalite Blu

    • Statuario


    • Tafu


    • Verde Borgogna

      Verde Borgogna

    • Verde Cipollino

      Verde Cipollino

    • Verde Aver

      Verde Aver

    • Marazzi Allmarble

      Saint Laurent

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Tile terminology glossary

  • Matt finish tile

    A tile with a non shiny surface which has very little reflection regardless of any lighting.

  • Satin finish tile

    A tile with a slight sheen to it offering a small amount of light reflection at certain angles.

  • Polished finish tile

    A tile which has been mechanically polished with a diamond wheel to give a very high shine. This is different to a glazed tile which also offers a reflection as this is achieved by coating the tile with a glaze on the surface.

  • Shade variation

    Shade variation is a difference in colour or texture from one tile to the next.

  • PTV (Pendulum Test Value)

    A slip resistance test generated by swinging a rubber footed pendulum over the surface of a floor or tile which in turn records the friction or slip resistance. A rating of 36+ is considered as anti-slip, where a value less than 36 are not considered suitable for anti-slip purposes.

  • Rectified tile

    A product that has been through an additional process where the tile is cut after the baking process to produce a clean edge on all sides – ideal for a minimal grout line.

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