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Specify the perfect tile for your project.

Value engineering service

Turn your vision into reality

Be guided by our experts

You are going to waste hours

Your day is already jam-packed without adding hours trying to find tiles for your project. Sitting there sifting through hundreds of ranges to find a floor tile is no fun. Let alone having to do it all again for the walls. Pass it all over to us. 

Specify your tiles quicker

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Helping you find the tile perfect for your project

Specify exactly what you need in terms of profile, style, and use and let us find the perfect tile for your project and its budget.

Specify a very similar tile for less

Avoid paying for expensive designer tiles and keep them in budget by matching your example tile to a similar one.

Find the design you have been searching for

Quickly find the tile you have seen online in a designer setting with the help of our tile experts and extensive range.

Fast tile specification


Easy specification

Work with our experts to specify exactly what you need with ease.


Fast sourcing

Source the tile you need in the quantity you need from our large stocks or trusted manufacturers.


The perfect tile

Get high-quality tiles perfectly specified for your project making you or your client very happy.

Get help from a team of tile experts

  • One of the UK’s largest tile distributors
  • Worldwide tile buying power
  • Over 1000 tile products
  • Hundreds of tile ranges
  • Trusted network of tile manufacturers

Proudly delivering tiles to sites in London and the Southeast.

FORS Silver Fleet Operator
Boyden have been my go to supplier for 3 years on all major London projects...“
David / Konix Contractors
Boyden have been my go to supplier for 3 years on all major London projects...“
David / Konix Contractors
Boyden have been my go to supplier for 3 years on all major London projects...“
David / Konix Contractors

Tile specification London, Surrey & the South East

Often specifying the right tile for your project can take hours if not weeks to get what you want.

Boyden Tiles provides a quick and easy tile specification service helping residential and commercial projects in London and the South East create amazing results.

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Tile terminology glossary

  • Matt finish tile

    A tile with a non shiny surface which has very little reflection regardless of any lighting.

  • Satin finish tile

    A tile with a slight sheen to it offering a small amount of light reflection at certain angles.

  • Polished finish tile

    A tile which has been mechanically polished with a diamond wheel to give a very high shine. This is different to a glazed tile which also offers a reflection as this is achieved by coating the tile with a glaze on the surface.

  • Shade variation

    Shade variation is a difference in colour or texture from one tile to the next.

  • PTV (Pendulum Test Value)

    A slip resistance test generated by swinging a rubber footed pendulum over the surface of a floor or tile which in turn records the friction or slip resistance. A rating of 36+ is considered as anti-slip, where a value less than 36 are not considered suitable for anti-slip purposes.

  • Rectified tile

    A product that has been through an additional process where the tile is cut after the baking process to produce a clean edge on all sides – ideal for a minimal grout line.

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We will be closed over the Christmas period from the 21st December at 4pm, reopening on the 2nd January 2024.

See you in the new year!